Recent Before & After Photos

Pine floors affected by heavy soot and water

These pine floors in Lancaster, MA  was the result of a electrical fire.  Notice the condition of the floors after the fire.  The after picture s... READ MORE

Mold in attic space in Billerica, MA

This attic mold in Billerica, Ma was caused by ice dams.  The entire attic space was covered in black mold.  The after photo shows the results of the ... READ MORE

Mold loss Billerica, MA

The mold loss was due to a kitchen sink leak.  the drywall and kitchen cabinets had to be removed.  You will notice the after pictures of the entire k... READ MORE

Water Damage Spinkler line Break Billerica, MA

The Fire Sprinkler burst due to cold weather snap.  Ceiling collapsed and the walls had to be removed

Sill plate removed

This Fire in Westminster, MA  was the result of an electrical fire.  The Fire destroyed the sill plate.  the sill plate was removed and replaced.... READ MORE

Exterior Deck loss due to fire in Westminster, MA

This Fire in Westminster, Ma was the result of an electrical fire.